Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Are you eating for taste or eating for health.

Hello viewers!

My name is Dayron Watson here to educate the urban community on health and fitness! I would like to take time to tell you guys about my background. I have taken courses in anatomy and physiology, exercise physiology, health and wellness, science of nutrition and first aid and CPR with AED with the American Red Cross and American Heart Association. I am a certified personal trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine(NASM) and I have taken the corrective exercise workshop with NASM.

Now I would like to speak about nutrition. According to NASM, 33% of the population is obese and that's due to a sedentary lifestyle and the outrageous amounts of fast food chains in New York City. Our country makes billions of dollars off of fats and sodium because the two gives food its taste. People are eating for taste and not for the nutritional value in the food they consume. For example, oatmeal is made to lower cholesterol it contains whole grains and fiber. Now when you follow your grand parents recipe and put butter, sugar and salt in oatmeal, so that it tastes good you are now defeating the purpose and taking away all the nutrients. Also too many calories are coming from saturated fats and carbohydrates which will lead to weight gain and an unhealthy heart.

Here are my suggestions for oatmeal. Add fruits, such as: blue berries, strawberries, and bananas for sweetener. Fruits have natural sugars so you don't have to add any table sucrose. You can also add raisins for natural flavor as well. Raisins contains antioxidants which is great for optimal health and the immune system. So by adding fruits with antioxidants you add natural flavor and get some of your fruit intake in at the same time.

Eat to be healthy and don't eat for taste. Eating for taste gives you hypertension, heart disease and diabetes.

My next post will include ideas about staying fit without a gym membership.